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Home Inspection Follow ups

Your home inspection services do not end the day of the inspection. Alltech's home inspector provide unlimited phone follow-up. They will also perform reinspects of repair items outlined in your home inspection report, at a very nominal charge. Alltech's inspectors want you to understand your home and your inspection report. We want you to be confident the necessary repairs are made properly.

Environmental and Mold Testing

With the winter months fast approaching and most home owners buttoning up their houses for the winter, you may soon notice you've trapped more inside than just the heat. Many home owners will first notice that dreeded mold smell during the winter months. If you smell mold, or see mold, Alltech Inspection Services offers a full range of inspections that will identify the problem and give you suggestions for repair.

Call us at 412-835-6000 to speak with one of our environmental professionals today. Alltech does not perform any remediation or mitigation. We have no conflict of interests. Our professional opinion is based solely on our observations.

Moving Forward, Growing Stronger

Alltech is now offering energy audits using the latest in thermal technology. Please check for updates on this new service. We will be providing new pricing information in our quarterly newsletter.

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Inspecting homes for over 25 Years in Allegheny, Butler, Beaver, Washington, Westmoreland, Armstrong, Cambria, Fayette, Greene, Indiana, Lawrence, and Somerset Counties. Also serving Southeastern Ohio.

Our Mission is to Provide Detailed, Accurate Information

For most of us, a home is our greatest financial investment.   A home inspection performed by a qualified, professional home inspector and engineer is not to be seen as a luxury; but should be viewed as a neccesity.  With the ever increasing costs of repairs and maintenance, you need to know the true condition of your perspective home! At Alltech, our goal is to give you, our client, the detailed inspection information you need to make an informed investment decision regarding your home or perspective home. Our complete home inspection services empower you with the knowledge you need at this crucial time.

At Alltech, we want our clients to be present during the home inspection and we encourage you, or your representative, to walk with the inspector while the home inspection is being performed. We strongly encourage you to ask questions of the inspector during the home inspection. We believe a thorough home inspection can only be provided when you, the client, completely understand the report and condition of the home. We do not use checklist reporting or canned software. Your home inspection report is a full written report, compiled in our offices, then revised and approved by your home inspector. Did you know that the Pennsylvania State Inspection Laws stipulate that your home inspection report is to be a written report as outlined under section 7508 of SB 1032? Be sure you are getting the most detailed and clear information from your home inspection. Be sure you are receiving a full, written report.

Your home inspector will take the time at the end of the home inspection to review the inspection findings and answer any additional questions you may have. As an engineer, our lead inspector is uniquely qualified to answer questions that other home inspectors are not equipped to answer. Our home inspectors are always available for phone follow-ups after the home inspection is completed; whether the next day or the next year, your inspector will be available to answer any questions. Please consider Alltech and your home inspector as a resource for your home maintenace questions.

Alltech provides a quarterly newsletter with the latest news for homeowners regarding maintenace of their homes, notice of product recalls of many common items found in the home, and your quarterly check sheet. We want to help you keep your home maintained for a lifetime. Please follow this link OPT IN for our newsletter. If you receive our newletter and wish to opt-out, please click OPT OUT.

image home inspection glossary of terms

Glossry of Inspection and Construction Terms:
Check here for some commonly used terms in the construction and inspection services. If you are unfamiliar with a term and it is not listed here, just send us an email. We'll be happy to answer your question/s.

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image home inspection equipment life chart

What is the Life Expectancy of Home Components
Without a doubt, the life of equipment will depend heavily on how well the equipment is maintained. Here is a general guide regarding what you might expect from your equipment.

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image computer protection services

Product Safety Commission
This is one site that should be bookmarked by everyone. Before making a purchase we recommend you check here for information on the product.

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image environmental inspections

The Federal EPA has some good advice - and guidelines - for dealing with many home hazards and environmental questions.

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