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Who is ASHI?

The American Society of Home Inspectors, commonly known by the acronym ASHI, is the oldest, most respected and most trusted professional organization for home inspectors in the United States. Tom Scheidler first joined ASHI in 1993 and has been a certified member in full, meeting all requirements from ASHI that enable him to remain a member of ASHI. At Alltech, we belong to many organizations that oversee the inspection industry and the environmental inspection industry. ASHI by far has the most reigerous standards of all the organizations.

You can use this link ASHI Membership to confirm the status of Tom Scheidler. You can use this link to confirm the status of any inspector ASHI Certified Inspector Search. Unfortunately, there are inspectors advertizing their memberhsip in this elite professional organization, which in fact, is false.

Who is NACHI

The National Association of Certfied Home Inspectors, commonly known by its acronym NACHI, is also a very highly regarded and highly trusted professional organization for home inspectors in the United States. .....You can use this link NACHI, InterNACHI Membership to confim our NACHI membership in good standing.

Environmental and Mold Testing

Winter melts and spring rains can bring the moisture seeping into the house, which is never a good thing. Alltech Inspection Services offers a full range of inspections that will:

    - Help you identify the problem
    - Give you suggestions for repair
    - Perform Indoor Air Quality Testing
    - Perform localized mold testing

Call us at 412-835-6000 to speak with one of our environmental professionals today. Alltech does not perform any remediation or mitigation. We have no conflict of interests. Our professional opinion is based solely on our observations.

Alltech Home Inspection Services, LLC

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Degreed Engineers, ASHI, NACHI, ASME, GREI
Fully Insured-Above State Requirements                        Phone: 412-835-6000 Toll Free: 888-835-6002

Alltech's Mission

At Alltech, our goal is to ensure our clients receive the most complete and accurate information that can be provided by any home inspector. We promise to work with our clients to ensure they have a clear and concise understanding of our inspection findings and are comfortable with the thoroughness of the inspection.

    Our lead inspector is an engineer
    We are fully insured - above state minimums
    We are members of ASHI
    We are members of NACHI
    We are members of the ASME
    We have been in business for over 25 years
    We are fulltime inspectors
    We do provide fully written, easy to understand reports - NO checklists
    We do provide web sites with all your inspection information and dozens of pictures
    We do provide unlimited free phone consultations
    We do service ALL of southwestern Pennsylvania
    We do have the necessary certifications to perform additional testing such as radon and mold

Your home inspection with Alltech will include the inspection of all of the visible and accessible areas of the interior and exterior of the home, a complete easy to read and easy to understand written report, a unique web site designed and set up for each of our clients, and unlimited follow-up phone support. Don't be fooled by other claims of a "written" report. They are little more than glorified boiler plates with minimal unique input. Please take a moment to view one of our reports and its accompanying web site and you will immediately see why we feel our services are far superior to any other home inspection service. When you compare our services and experience with our competition, you will see it is like comparing a cornucopia of fruit to a bunch of grapes.

We like to tell our clients that we are a "little different". But the truth is, we are VERY different. Take a moment to review one of our home inspection reports report and accompanying web site(the personal data has been redacted) Your Web Site . If you have seen any other home inspectors product, then you will recognize our clear, concise reports and pictures far out shine the competition. But that is only 1/2 of the story. The reason that our reports present such a clear picture and complete picture is not just due to how they are written or how many pictures you have, but are the direct result of 25 years of experience as a professional home inspector. Alltech's inspectors work to earn your confidence and support by providing you the best inspection experience possible.

Invest in your future with confidence - Phone us today at 412-835-6000 or 888-835-6002
Or email inspections@alltechhomeinspections.com to schedule your Alltech home inspection.

PHONE: 412-835-6000 or 888-835-6002